The Greenhouse

We already have a 'working greenhouse' in the garden, which is of aluminium construction and stands on a raised wooden floor. We wanted a greenhouse that was more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, where we could grow a range of plants that would not normally survive the winter outside - directly in the ground rather than just in pots. The site for the new greenhouse was to be at the far end of the new long border.

The cinder block plinthErercting the greenhouse

The block plinth ready for the greenhouse - and the cedar wood greenhouse being erected

The greenhouse just finishedAt the end of the new long border

The greenhouse finished in place at the end of the long border

Medinilla Magnifica

Medinilla Magnifica with its splendid hanging blooms ( July 2010 )


Amarillis blooming in the Greenhouse - for the third year running ( 2010 )

The working greenhouse:

This summer - 2011 - has produced a wide variety of vegetables that has all but filled the working greenhouse.

Aubergines and Chilli Peppers

Butternut squash

Sweet Peppers - and Courgettes

Not strictly the greenhouse - but a large crop of runner beans on the pergola this year

This season's crop of grapes on the wall of the folly - which provides a wonderful sun trap

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