The gardens at 'Leahurst' have evolved since the house was built circa 1905. At that time they included a large meadow where the carriage horses could graze. Over time this area was sold and four more houses built. Sadly there are no images of the house and garden from those early times - but when we came to live here almost 30 years ago much of the garden was little changed from its Edwardian beginning. Over the years we have elaborated the gardens in keeping with the original character. A number of the numerous projects we have undertaken are depicted on this site.

Our concept was to create a garden that was divided into sections that would need to be explored to be appreciated - such that one would never know what new surprise was waiting.

Driftwood sculpture from WoodenZone - installed 2016

Cast iron copy of the Uffizi Boar " Ill Porcellino" - 2016

The Folly in Summer

The Folly - 2007

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